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Health and How it Can Affect Your Business

Dec 13 2013 In this episode we discuss how your physical health can affect you business. Read More


Oct 11 2013 In this episode we discuss company workflow, from managing clients to fulfilling orders and marketing. Read More

Kids and Business

Jul 05 2013 In this episode we discus Kids and Business. Read More

Startup Technology

May 31 2013 In this episode we discuss the sort of technology you can use to startup a new business. Read More

Business Analysis

May 24 2013 In this episode we discuss business analysis how to properly analyze and assess your business. Read More


Mar 01 2013 In this episode we discuss the importance of education for you and your company and how it can help your business. Read More

Technology for Business

Jan 25 2013 In this episode we discuss technology for business. By understanding how we can use technology for business we are able to develop better marketing plans, infrastructures, and more. Read More

Intellectual Property

Jan 18 2013 In this episode we discuss intellectual property with a special guest. By understanding the laws that protect our intellectual property we are better able to prepare and present content to the masses. Read More

Technology Law

Jan 11 2013 In this episode we discuss technology laws. By understand technology laws we are better able to manage distribution, creation, and management of technologies and company property. Read More

Trends in 2013

Jan 04 2013 In this episode we welcome the new year by discussing some of the trends we can expect in 2013. Read More

Part 4: Conversion Strategy

Nov 30 2012 In this episode we discuss conversion strategy. By understanding how to convert our leads we are better able to develop marketing plans for our businesses. Read More

Internet Marketing 101 Checklist

Mar 02 2012

In this episode we begin a series discussing internet marketing strategies and techniques.

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Internet Marketing Strategies

Jan 20 2012

In this episode we discuss internet marketing strategies. By understanding what we can do and what is available to our business and organization we are better able to advertise and share our information.

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3 Must Haves For Successful Internet Marketing

Sep 02 2011

In this episode we discuss the 3 must haves for successful internet marketing.

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The 3 Steps to Making Good Technolgoy Decisons

Mar 04 2011

What does into making a good technology decision for your company. In this segment we will explore that and come to some really useful conclusions.

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Google TV - What It Can Mean For Your Business

Nov 05 2010

In this episode we discuss the new technology Google TV.

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Google AdSense another Revenue Stream

Oct 22 2010

In this episode we discuss ways Google Adsense.

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Top 5 Technology Mistakes that Could Cost You Money

Sep 24 2010

In this episode we discuss the top five mistakes businesses make with technology.

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Advantage of Technology from a Business Person (Host: Dr. Greg Henley)

Sep 17 2010

In this episode we discuss business people and their relationship and perception of technology. This epsode is hosted by Dr. Greg Henley.

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Components of a Successful Product

Aug 27 2010

In today's episode we discuss the components that make up a good product. This could be the physical attributes of a product of in the case of technology-driven businesses the virtual components and ideas that the product is comprised of

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Using Video In Business II

Aug 06 2010

In this episode we discuss how to use video in business. By understanding the distribution and function of internet video casting we are better prepared to utilize this accessible technology for our business models and campaigns

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Managing Emails

Jul 23 2010

In this episode we discuss different techniques for managing emails.

Read More iPhone Mobile App

Jul 16 2010

In this episode we discuss the new iPhone mobile app.

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Google Adwords

Jul 09 2010

What are they and how can they be effectively used.

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How To Hire Good Technical Help

Jul 02 2010

Hiring good technical help can be a great experience with the right process and tools. We discussed some of the great processes and tools.

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Repurposing Information - Taking what you have and using it in a lot of places

Oct 22 2009

The ability to create information once and reuse it in different formats can help with reaching the people that want to buy your goods or services. List to this podcast to find out how to do it.

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YouTube - The Other Search Engine

Oct 16 2009

YouTube is more than just a place to put video it is fast becoming another source of information. Now people are also using YouTube as an alternative to conventional search engines.

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Developing A Contact List To Increase Your Revenue Significantly

Sep 04 2009

This podcast is about email campaigns. It talks about what an email campaign is, why it is so important to your business, how to overcome the obstacles, and effective ways of implementing a campaign.

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3 Technologies That Will Help Your Business Grow

Aug 28 2009

These three technologies can have an almost immediate effect on growing your business. Listen to the conference call from 8/29/09 and hear what they are.

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