iPad vs Netbook

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In this episode we discuss the differences between the highly mobile iPad and Netbook. By understanding the differences between these two devices we can make an educated choice when deciding which one suits our personal needs the best.



+ Easy to use User Interface

+ Long Battery Life

+ Fast on

+ No viruses

+ beautiful design

+ can show movies on an external display


+ Only apple approved applications

+ No camera (comin out with an auxiliary one)

+ No usb connection

+ Does not work well with Website Baker

+ Has cable for external display but only shows movies

+ weight 1.7 lbs


NetBook (example Dell Inpspiron Mini 10v)


+ Run complete operating system (PC, Linux or Mac)

+ USB ports

+ Full Keyboard

+ Has place for external monitor

+ price 1/2 to 1/3 less than the iPad

+ wieght 2.6 lbs and same height and width as an iPad

+ has camera

+ has 3-1 SD slot for camera cards



+ short battery life

+ slower turning on time