Ingredients of a Good Website

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5 Important Components for a Good Website

Someone asked what makes a good website. Being in the business for over 25 years I immediately said there are 5 components that make a good website. The site should be

1) well organized and easy to use: Your site is in competition with the other millions of sites out there. A site that makes sense to the user will be more appealing.

2) consistent: An element of easy to use is consistency. An example of this is that the menu should always appear in the same place and with the same page order on all the pages.

3) user centric around a well defined audience: Your website’s sole purpose is for the use of your users. The better your site helps your users the more they will come and use your site. Without users your site really has no purpose.

4) built with tools to make the site easier to maintain (Content Management Systems): The easier it is for you to maintain your site the better chance of having your site kept up to date. Sites that have old information deter users from visiting them.

5) with your most important information above the fold: Put the most important information to your users above the scroll line. The less work (yes scrolling is work) people have to do the more they will find your site enjoyable and continue to come back.

These are the 5 most important things that make a good site. Following them will make your users’ experience of your site rich and fulfilling.